A Letter To My Ex Best Friend…

As a sophomore almost a junior in college I have become to realize that some of my toughest battles and frustrations all linked back to a toxic person I called MY BEST FRIEND… for the purpose of confidentiality we will name her Ava.

It all started Freshman year, I was jumping forward with something I had never even thought was possible. I moved out of my house, became a college student, and met Ava. She seemed like a nice person and we really clicked with each other. With my schedule so hectic it was hard to find time to spend together. Eventually our schedules evened out and we spent a lot of time together. A lot of people called us sisters but we were like twins.

As I began to realize that slowly I was becoming a third wheel in her relationship that mainly consisted of PDA. I always felt uncomfortable and whenever I tried to talk to her about it she would make up some excuse. It hurt me the most because my boyfriend was back home and it was hard for me to see others in a relationship when all I wanted was mine. So I started to distance myself from her but never this much. After Freshman year I was ready to go home for summer because I was tired of always being the third wheel and pushed to the side.

Sophomore year came closer and closer as I dreaded going back I faced my fears and kept pushing on. Ava and I were okay even car pooled together for one class. Whenever we would finally get to hang out she would always talk about him, herself, and would never let me talk. I started noticing little things that I hadn’t noticed before. She always interrupting me, complaining about everything, never letting me talk about what I needed, and she was very controlling. Ava was a good friend to me, but I began to realize her friendship was causing more harm then good.

I told her secrets I regret saying, but I can’t take it back. I shared almost everything with her. She walked all over me always making sure I got up before pushing me down again.

Sophomore spring semester I have distanced myself away from her more than you could imagine possible while being at a small private college. I have to see her three days out of the week because I have two classes with her. I suffer through those classes and always avoid her whenever it is possible. She still acts like she is my best friend and still calls me her twin. She still wants to hang out with me, but she hasn’t bothered to text me since the first day of classes this semester.

She lost me when I realized she was my toxic friend.


Author: britneykatelyn7

Based on a True Story is my blog about my life. You could love it or hate it and I could careless because this is the one place I can write and be myself.

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