Sophomore Year is Coming to an END…

Today is Reading Day for us Camels. We are given a day at the end of the semester to “read”, well study, catch up on assignments, and prepare for moving out. I’ve spent today mostly studying, helping friends, and packing. I can’t believe my second year has already come to the last few days. I have made memories, decisions, and mistakes that I would like to share with you.

Unforgettable Memories

This year has been full of new experiences, new friends, and new memories. At the beginning of the semester I was excited to come back ready to continue where I left off; that was a joke… I came back and had many friend problems and life took and unexpected turn. Right when I thought nothing could go right anymore, someone walked into my life and made all the difference while being here at Campbell. We both thought “she’s just another lab partner” but we were wrong on so many levels. We had a friendship by the end of first semester and now I see her everyday I am not at home! We have shared many laughs, inside jokes, and chats but all those memories with her make leaving Campbell hard again.

Countless Mistakes

I have learned from my mistakes this year, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t trade my mistakes I made if I could redo it all over again. My mistakes continue to teach me, show me, guide me, and prepare me for what lies in front of me. My first mistake was to share all my secrets with one person I should’ve never trusted. Or when I acted out and reacted badly towards someone I care about because I got frustrated and overwhelmed. Another mistake was made when I pushed everyone away and all I wanted was to be alone. However, one thing all these mistakes taught me was that God is right there beside me through thick and thin. He is always there in the high tides and the low tides forever changing. Through my countless mistakes that are not written here I’ve learned that I don’t have to go to church every Sunday, there is no such thing as a perfect Christian, and that God will never leave me no matter how many times I’ve tried to push him away.

Multiple Decisions

Throughout this year I have had to make multiple decisions some hard and some incredibly simple. Simple meaning what I am going to do or eat, what I need to work on next, or what I am going to wear. Hard decisions include friendships, relationships, family, and health concerns. The decisions have taught me how to become more independent and more knowledgeable on what I want to do.

Goodbye Campbell University I will C-U in the Fall!



Author: britneykatelyn7

Based on a True Story is my blog about my life. You could love it or hate it and I could careless because this is the one place I can write and be myself.

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